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I'm not saying the Army should hand out awards like candy. This app will save you time and aggravation by having the most commonly used DA Forms in the palm of your hand any time you need them. A DA 638 is a US Army form used to recommend a soldier for an award. DA form 638 is used for the starting process of approving award recommendations of all the Army individual decorations; this includes bravery and heroism decorations. 5. Block 9 should be left blank for soldiers in the US Army. However, for many soldiers, even receiving something like a nomination for a service award via DA 638 can be meaningful. According to many army members, both officers and otherwise, the DA 638 is underutilized in the military. The following instructions below are instructions required to fill the DA form 638 perfectly. According to a former Company Commander in the Army National Guard, soldiers can be nominated for many achievements. However, note that service medals such as the Army service ribbon (ASR) South west Asia service Medal (SWASM) and other service medals should not be listed on the form. Some fillable PDF-files have the option of saving the completed form that contains your own data for later use or sending it out straight away. The DA Form 638 is a valid source document for promotion points and therefore is a valid source document to update your ERB. In the United States Army it is common to recommend your fellow soldier for an award if you have witnessed him making an act that you are convinced is worth being commended. If you have a specific question please feel free to submit it on this site or on If you are looking for how to write awards there is a software program called Award Quick that can assist you in preparing awards. 4. In block 8, you are expected to fill the individuals previous achievement awards if any. Block 22. Staff Section Admin Clerk should sign and date verifying individual is eligible for the recommended award. DA Form 638 can be downloaded from at free of charge. Nominations for awards for bravery must have declarations of witnesses in the form of affidavits or affirmed statements. Also, depending when you slated to PCS, your S1 requires the recommendation to be submitted 3 months out for an ARCOM; 6 months for an MSM. To download the form in PDF format just visit the site's DA form 638 page. Part I of Form DA 638 includes boxes 4 through 13, and identifies the soldier, his or her rank and his or her organization. The DA 638 fillable form is a nomination form that can be used for multiple types of awards. With DA Military Forms app, you can access the form you need, complete it on your mobile device, and then email it in PDF format for printing. The DA Form 638 is made up of 4 parts on a 3 page document with the sole aim of initiating, processing and approving award recommendations to recognize exceptional services and achievements. During my time as a Company Commander in the Army National Guard , I made it a habit to submit one soldier each drill weekend for an AAM. Almost any medal can receive a nominee through the use of DA form 638. It is expected that you use the provided space in the block to fill in the soldiers meritorious service or achievement using bullet points as specified on the form. Meaning, they are not supposed to mention the same achievements in your other awards. Even better, submitting a DA Form 638 doesn't cost you one cent personally. The time limit for recommending the award is two years following the act, achievement or service considered worth recognition.
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