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Bio fruits and vegetables, organic milk and dairy products, simple organic foods are nowadays very popular among people who seek a healthy lifestyle. But it is not just a diet that can be bio, but also a lot of other things that we use everyday. Bio is actually a way of life for some people. And how does "life" look like?

Bio Food
Organic foods are such foods that are made without the use of various artificial chemical ingredients and come from organic farming. This means that no pesticides or other "enhancers" are used in cultivation, but the whole process is completely natural without chemical interference.

Organic food has once been limited to fruit and vegetables in organic quality. Nowadays, however, in such a quality it is easy to get almost every common food from pastry to meat, milk or sweets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Foods
The advantage of organic food is undoubtedly the fact that it is less burdensome for the organism because it does not contain chemical preservatives, artificial dyes and other unnatural admixtures.

While organic food is good and beneficial for all people, it is especially important for children. The child's organism is very sensitive, and if children eat unhealthy, it has a negative impact on their development and later life.
Today, organic food can be picked up in almost every supermarket, where smaller or larger compartments of such foods already work. In addition, buy them in specialized stores or on the Internet. Fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products can also be purchased at the eco farm.

Bio clothing
In addition to food, the bio trend has penetrated other areas of our everyday life. Increasingly, you can buy organic clothing in clothing stores. These are garments made from organically grown cotton or other natural materials. You may ask what that means. Bio clothing is clean, we mean that it does not contain any harmful dyes and chemicals that could harm human health. Some textiles are dyed or enhanced by the use of various chemicals, many of which have a detrimental health potential. Bio clothing is dyed with natural dyes, and when growing cotton, no pesticides and other fertilizers are used that could remain in the fabrics and harm us. Present time has brought a wide range of organic clothing from underwear, over t-shirts and trousers to shoes.
You can buy such things either on the internet or in a variety of well-known stores that also have a bio clothing department beside the usual clothes.

Benefits and disadvantages of bio clothing
In organic clothing the skin does not breathe, these materials are very pleasant even to the most sensitive skin. Such organic garments are also suitable for people suffering from eczema, as organically grown fabrics do not irritate the skin.
The main disadvantages of organic clothing are still somewhat worse. Although gradually appearing in various clothing stores, the choice is not so wide. Something can also be bought over the internet, but the choice is also very limited in this case.

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