Ladislav Voros
by on February 14, 2019

Rational diet and bio food, what is the difference?
Rational diet
It represents a modern nutritional trend that responds to people's health problems associated with eating foods that contain high levels of animal fats and cholesterol.

However, healthy food is an important way to feed and process food.

Bio Food
Growing and processing of bio food
Organic food is a quality and healthy food of plant and animal origin;
processed from organic products (delivered in an organic farming system without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical sprays, genetic manipulations, hormones and animal abuse);
(without the use of synthetic preservatives, dyes, flavorings and harmful processes such as bleaching, irradiation, microwave heating, gassing, formaldehyde sterilization, organophosphate treatment ...);
in order to maintain as much nutrition and life-giving as possible for the consumer.

Healthy nutrition = organic food
It does not mean to eat soy cubes or tofu instead of meat, as long as this soy is intensely industrially fertilized, pesticide-treated and genetically manipulated.


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