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by on February 14, 2019

Quality of Food is already a long-discussed topic. The trend of the present time on the one hand is directed towards quality, local raw materials, on the other hand in our supermarkets we find various foods with a large number of ingredients called so-called E-s.

Healthy food should, as far as possible, be prepared from fresh raw materials and with a minimum of preservatives, dyes and other chemistry.

How do we choose food?
The customer is very often trapped. Advertisements let us know what great food - semi-products you can find in freezer boxes or cakes and great priam just like your grandmother's. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Logically, therefore, it is necessary to follow some basic rules when purchasing and selecting raw materials.

Do not forget and really honestly read the food packaging - the fewer the ingredients the food will have, the more authentic it is, Its taste and appearance are not replenished.

Shop in well-known stores - of course, in supermarkets you can find quality food. It's about finding time and looking at the offer.
Occasionally go to farm markets, local butchers, or the original bakery where pastries do not bake. You will be surprised by the offer and taste of the raw materials and food offered.

Prefer fresh food
Choose fresh raw materials, not semi-finished products. At home you can prepare the dishes from the basic raw materials. Then you are so sure that you can prepare healthy and quality food.
When you go shopping, prepare a list - avoiding the situation when you buy unnecessary food.
Do not forget about fresh vegetables and fruits. If you have the opportunity to grow it yourself, you are among the happiest. You know what you eat.

Healthy food should always be a balanced diet that consists of carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, rice, potatoes, pasta ...), protein (legumes, eggs, dairy products, lean meats), fats (olive oil, quality butter ...) and does not lack enough vegetables and fruits.

The important thing is the freshness of the food and raw materials from which we will prepare the food. Semi-finished products are not the best example of healthy food.
Healthy raw materials do not spoil yourself with inappropriate preparation, which makes healthy dishes a fast-digesting dish. An ideal way is, for example, cooking in pare. This is especially gentle on vegetables, when it retains more vitamins than water cooking. Of course, you do not get even fat free, but prefer to give a good quality vegetable oil in front of hardened fat.
The foods prepared in this way will certainly taste more than heavy and greasy fried meals.

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