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Infrastructure construction needs a large amount of gravel aggregate. The construction of basic transportation systems in some countries, such as highways, railways and bridges, also needs to consume a large amount of gravel raw materials. Especially in the mine equipment production industry, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency have become the new standard of equipment. Mobile crusher with full power, sweeps the sand field, has attracted users'attention. Mobile Crusher adopts vehicle-mounted mobile technology. It has two kinds of mobile modes: tire moving and crawler moving. Both of them have strong driving ability. The tire moving can climb hills and mountains. The crawler moving has outstanding adaptability to mountains and wetlands. It does not damage the road surface. With the imported power device, it can realize the follow-up and stop of the equipment and enter the production site freely. It is not limited by the environment and brings great convenience. The power generation device is randomly allocated. Even in the absence of electricity, it can ensure the continuous operation of the equipment and normal function.

Mobile crusher combines crushing, screening, feeding and conveying equipment on the ship steel frame, which can be used independently by one machine or in combination with multiple units for production. It has important uses in building materials, construction, water conservancy, hydropower and other industries, and has prominent performance in the sand and stone production field.

1. Mobile crusher configures a variety of equipment, can be combined production, according to the actual production situation, collocation, fully realize the production requirements of users, reasonable structure, advanced configuration, improve production efficiency, diversified functions.

2. Intelligent PLC control system can monitor and control the production site remotely, keep abreast of the site dynamics, adjust production instructions according to the operation conditions, better realize efficient production, bring into play the production capacity of equipment, intelligent early warning system, promptly remind users to repair and maintain equipment.

3. Advanced structure, reasonable configuration between modules. In the production process, the system has low energy consumption, low noise and less pollution. Adding dust removal and noise reduction device can effectively reduce the pollution in the production process, reduce the impact on the environment and achieve green production.

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