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by on September 14, 2020

See if there are multiple citation styles. If the student uses more than one style like professional writers from Mcessay, he could have plagiarized a part. Similarly, if you have requested that the essay have one style (like the MLA) and present it in another (like the APA), this could be a sign that it has been plagiarized.

- Also, check if the quotes are real. In some cases, students might make up the quotes entirely or claim the existence of an essay about a chapter in the book, when it doesn't really exist. Perhaps you have access to the book in question and can review it. Check Google Books or look up article citations online.

 Detect old details. Sometimes plagiarized essays will have outdated details. If the essay refers to a “recent” event that occurred years ago, this could indicate that it has been plagiarized. Similarly, if you mention someone in a specific position that you have already left, this could also be a sign.

- You'll also need to identify old resources, which could indicate that the essay is older.

Look for changes in the font type. If the student copies and pastes the information into a document, they may not check it to verify that the font type is the same throughout. If you notice changes in font size or style, this could be a sign of plagiarism.

See if there are any other changes to the format. The style of the font isn't the only thing you might change in your essay. You might notice a change in the type of quotes. Also, the header style may change in other parts of the job.

Use a search engine. If you think the student has plagiarized a sentence or phrase, you can put it into a search engine (like Google or Bing). Put the phrase in quotation marks to find it exactly. However, this will sometimes not give results (if the student has changed a part). [eleven]

- If the text has been copied word for word or in a very similar way, the search engine is likely to find some identical results. All virtual fonts that have the same text will appear on the first page of results.

Analyze the essay with plagiarism detection software. Many schools offer their teachers software to detect plagiarism. However, you can also get many of them for free on the internet. Just copy and paste the text, and the program will look for plagiarized parts when comparing them with other texts on the internet. These methods will not be foolproof, but they may help you to know the source from which the student obtained the essay.

- Turnitin is a widely used page to detect plagiarism. You can also try Plagiarisma or Copyleaks.


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