by on February 26, 2021

It has been one year since the outbreak of COVID-19. Temperature measurement, disinfection and epidemic prevention in public places have always been a big problem for management. The newly launched TF88 thermometer and dispenser of RAKINDA is a black technology product for public epidemic prevention. In spite of its small size, TF88 is easier to install and deploy flexibly than face recognition infrared temperature measuring device, and features such as self-test and mild disinfection are readily available, with a sense of science and technology. Some people worry: TF88 temperature measurement and disinfection all-in-one machine, after all is good?

With relatively bulky stand of face temperature measurement all-in-one compared, TF88 integration with accurate temperature measurement, temperature display and overtemperature daily epidemic prevention functions such as early warning, self-help disinfection, in addition to have on the people heat temperature detection function, also has a fully automatic induction from disinfectant dispenser, which can realize intelligent induction, hand out liquid gel (spray). People do not need to bring disinfectant with them, so they can easily help people to disinfect, which is more conducive to the prevention of epidemic diseases in public places and the need of body temperature screening.

TF88 mobile temperature measurement and disinfection all-in-one machine plug and play, flexible deployment, cost-effective. Such as rapid deployment to schools, kindergartens, enterprises, farmers wholesale market, building property service center, government agencies, hospitals, libraries, major office hall and other public places entrance. When the TF88 temperature measuring and disinfection station detects that the body temperature exceeds 37.5℃ or does not wear a mask, the equipment will send an alarm to remind the surrounding people. Temperature measurement error ±0.3℃, has a strong environmental temperature adaptability, in a complex environment can still be normal use of automatic mild disinfection, the whole process without contact! Let epidemic prevention become more humane and intelligent.

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