by on March 17, 2021

In public places and business service places with poor ventilation (semi-closed), the most effective means of epidemic prevention and control is the application of face recognition body temperature machine to achieve rapid completion of non-sensing temperature measurement, improve screening efficiency, and reduce the risk of cross-infection. At the same time, real-time warning, warning and record of temperature measurement data is convenient to provide non-contact automatic face temperature measurement, health code recognition, visitor statistics and access control attendance management services for places with fixed population flow, so as to achieve traceability and analysis of the epidemic situation.

The traditional temperature measurement method relies on manual close contact, which is not only inefficient, high error rate, high labor cost, but also has the risk of cross-infection. Now SCANMAX has launched the F3-FHS series of facial biometric thermometer (health code pass column model), which can replace human labor, temperature measurement without contact, record can be saved, accurate and efficient, flexible deployment, and can perfectly solve various disadvantages of traditional temperature measurement.

F3-FHS series is very suitable for face temperature thermometer "non-contact" applications, including brush face temperature (support wearing a mask face recognition), health code and code inspection, authentication and access control attendance applications such as face recognition, to quickly complete the personnel without the need for direct contact with the equipment the unusual situation of temperature monitoring and screening health code, if there is any exception system automatic warning to remind the staff handled in time, at the same time will record the real-time uploaded to the cloud management platform, easy management personnel to check the related data, there are telltale signs of abnormal data, a move that can both prevent will contact transmission of coronavirus, and can prevent outsiders, No stay during the inspection, no contact during the temperature measurement, and the functions of temperature measurement, health code verification and identity identification are completed automatically 24 hours a day.


More importantly, with the aid of F3-FHS face recognition temperature measuring machine also can realize the non-contact attendance and access control function of the normalized, such as enterprises and institutions, such as park office buildings, schools, even after the outbreak still can use the terminal equipment to brush a face attendance, without direct contact with the equipment, system real-time record the daily attendance and uploaded to the management platform, ensure the reality of attendance data. In places of public entrance to the deployment of face recognition and temperature measuring machine internal personnel can through the "brush face" rapid transit, effective management of foreign personnel, visitors must pass through online booking registration information, obtain permission to brush a face, can effectively intercept the blacklist, unauthorized personnel and no entry strangers face library, provide safety management in the scene.


With the rapid increase of input risk brought by the global pandemic, it also means that face recognition temperature measuring machine plays an increasingly important role.

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