by on April 27, 2021

As a unified identity confirmation and early warning of health risks during the epidemic prevention and control period, the "health code" has been gradually extended to many provinces across China. In addition to measuring body temperature, citizens need to provide the green health code when traveling around to get access. With the resumption of work and the opening of schools in various regions, the epidemic prevention and protection becomes a major focus of people’s lives and work. Even if the domestic epidemic has been controlled a lot, we still cannot relax due to the continuous increase in overseas epidemics.

In order to prevent the rebound of the epidemic caused by the increase in the movement and gathering of people and the imported risks of foreign epidemics, temperature testing, identification verification and the presentation of health codes will become important means to prevent and control the epidemic, but it can be found that if the traditional manual temperature check and inspection are still used, a lot of manpower will be needed. At the same time, there may be people stranded, gathering, and exposure to infection risks due to heavy screening work and slow inspection efficiency. Moreover, the twelfth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform also stated that it will encourage the use of big data and artificial intelligence technology for epidemic monitoring, prevention and control. The domestic smart industry has responded, and successively launched a series of face temperature measurement and access control systems. The two-pronged approach of face temperature measurement, and access control attendance can easily help resume work, government services, community streets, building schools, etc., and quickly screen for persons with abnormal body temperature. With the widespread implementation of "health codes", is there a face temperature measurement product that supports scanning of health QR codes and ID verification? The answer is yes.

Shenzhen RAKINDA finished product development in short time and launched "F2-FHS face scanning temperature measurement device supports health code reading, face temperature measurement and ID card verification. On the basis of face recognition, body temperature detection and identity verification, F2-FHS supports the customized development of "health code" interface, "health code" recognition access control, intelligent voice reminder, intelligent color change status reminder and upload temperature measurement records; built-in thermal imaging temperature sensor can achieve non-contact rapid temperature measurement with accuracy up to ±0.3℃. The speed of the background comparison and verification is also very fast, which can realize the rapid passage of personnel and avoid the situation of a large number of people waiting in line at each verification checkpoint. If the temperature is abnormal, or the person whose health code is "yellow code" or "red code", this all-in-one machine will alarm, and the security personnel will come forward to take a second measurement. At the same time, if the detected person does not wear a mask, the all-in-one machine will also send out the warning voice of "please wear a mask".
For different application scenarios, the F2-FHS face temperature measurement health code machine supports different recognition modes, such as offline face recognition, multi-machine networking applications, face attendance, access control visitor management and control, body temperature detection, Human ID verification temperature measurement (optional ID card reader), mask recognition, reminder of not wearing mask, generation of temperature attendance records, data statistical analysis and reports (exportable), tens of thousands of faces database, real-time voice broadcast, black list warning and live detection. The deployment is simple and convenient, and the application range is wide, which can meet the needs of different customers. At present, this series of products have been used in government service halls, corporate parks and campuses across the country. With excellent performance, reliable quality and attractive prices, they have successfully captured the hearts of many new and old customers!

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