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I thought this message was gonna be the reverse of Animal Crossing Items what it's. I am rather surprised by the solidarity and I love it . Occasionally I feel as if my little island is my only place that I could be totally and completely secure and free. Thank you for not restraining important voices and people's grief in this tough time.

Thank you and appreciate your work on this sub and bringing light to this. I love you and'm with you in solidarity. I play with Animal Crossing as a means to decompress but I won't ignore the outside world because it's messing with my ~vibes~ I do not have that luxury and pity on people who'd rather turn a blind eye. Black Lives Issue, today tomorrow and every day!!!!

I believe this is excellent!! Just wanted to add that seemingly the minnesota liberty fund is overwhelmed with donations so they are asking individuals to contribute elsewhere instead. They have some sources on their website.

And also the bailout funds for people in different cities like Louisville in which they were protesting the passing of Breonna Taylor. That website is through the action network website I believe

She is going to be thrilled! I believe her twin sister will want to make a post as well. She has an entire room which is all of the teddy/panda bears! My husband plays too and it's been so much fun to all play together.

I enjoy the colors and all the little details like the hamster and pen holder! Maybe replace the anatomical model using a customized dress mannequin or something like this cause it honestly looks rather gory set against all the pretty colors.

Hey everyone! For my island theme, I'm taking a look at a big'ol military base with a bunch of aircrafts. I have not seen it done before which means there is little to no layouts on the market to help out me. Any ideas? (Anything is appreciated)

XD beaches aren't my favorite to decorate whatsoever (when I cant put in my trees or terraform whats the point here) so when I can use it as some breathing space for buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items something on the mainland, it's always the most fun imo!

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