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Recently, the Guangdong province issued the "into an airtight service places health code" is required in the notification, request earnestly push Guangdong kang code such as health code application, to promote all kinds of sealed (closed) ventilation adverse operational service places the epidemic prevention and control measures fell fine implementation, effective guarantee the masses life safety and health. This means that in some closed service places not only to do a good job of temperature monitoring every day, but also to do a good job of health code inspection work, then in some places with large fixed population of people how to efficiently measure the temperature and health code inspection? This is also the solution we have been looking for. Non-contact, high efficiency and high accuracy are also what we pursue. Therefore, the market is in urgent need of an integrated face recognition health code verification machine that can meet the needs of high-end users.


The traditional temperature measurement method adopts manual one-to-one operation, which is very anxious in the face of large crowds and easy to cause people to gather. It not only increases the risk of infection, but also has low efficiency and data is not so accurate. After the temperature is measured, the state of the health code must be checked manually. The staff can only give passage after confirming that it is the "green qr code". From the overall effect, it can not well solve the needs of our epidemic prevention test and health code inspection.

RAKINDA company independent research and development of a focus on health code and code inspection of vertical temperature measurement and facial recognition machine because of the high reliability and high cost performance and popular, has been put into use in schools, Banks, around building property management service center, government units, hospitals, enterprises, ports of entry and exit, airport, dock, station, gymnasium and other public places. It specifically for the local government health code platform application interface depth on the basis of custom development (with the cities of the country's health code interface docking platform application), the integration of integrated automatic temperature measurement, witness the function such as comparison, health check, brush after face temperature still need to highlight health QR code, the whole a temperature measuring face recognition terminal desciption of complete, greatly reduce the workload of the prevention and control of personnel, let epidemic prevention more worry, more secure!

Face recognition (health code pass column) temperature measuring machine by means of informationization, has realized the millisecond artificial intelligence automatic face recognition temperature measurement, real-time data acquisition, the intelligent voice reminds, intelligent color status notifications, and other functions, can achieve precise temperature automatic screening and health code and code inspection, at the same time can detect outbreaks by temperature platform, integrated thermal imaging temperature measurement, face recognition, automatic generation of temperature measuring attendance records, the background data real-time query, can better accomplish data tracking and assist the government to finish the epidemic prevention controls.

In addition, the F3-FHS model standing temperature measurement face recognition machine can be integrated enterprise access control, temperature measurement + health QR code + attendance optimization, isolated from the disadvantages of manual detection, the face temperature measurement, scanning QR code machine is more conducive to help track abnormal body temperature and close contacts.

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