by on July 30, 2021

As the overseas epidemic continues to heat up, a large number of overseas students, overseas Chinese, and corporate employees abroad have returned to China. It is the critical moment now-how to use scientific and technological means to ensure that China's anti-epidemic war wins the victory in the first half. The key point of the fight against the epidemic war is that strictly control imported cases in the second half. As a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of face recognition terminal products for the intelligent Internet of Things, Shenzhen Rakinda is willing to actively play its corporate social responsibility and use scientific and technological innovations to help epidemic prevention and control. We will provide a series of "face recognition,temperature measurement and access control integrated machines" with attendance functions for campuses, corporate office buildings, medical facilities, customs, airports, and government services. The face temperature measurement all-in-one machine supports infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection, and can be used for access control temperature measurement. The body temperature detection efficiency is as high as 60 people/min, and the temperature measurement accuracy is as high as ±0.5℃. Once an abnormal body temperature is found, the system will automatically warn the personnel, and the security personnel will immediately take the second measurement, which is simple and convenient to deploy. Next, the representative model is "F2-H" wall mounted type face brushing and temperature measuring all-in-one machine for your reference when selecting models.

F2-H is a high-performance dynamic temperature measurement and face recognition terminal all-in-one machine, which is divided into column (F2-FH), gate (F2-TH) and wall-mounted (F2-H)three main types, which can be selected for different applications in the corresponding environment. The F2 face temperature measurement terminal integrates offline face recognition, multi-machine networking applications, intelligent visitor management, personnel attendance, intelligent mask recognition and prompts, self-service intelligent temperature measurement, high temperature intelligent warning, blacklist warning and living detection, etc. function. It adopts wide dynamic high-definition face recognition camera, which is fully adapted to harsh environments such as strong light, backlight, and low light. It has the characteristics of fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and large list library capacity. In addition, because F2 reserves a wealth of hardware interfaces (relay output, Wiegand, RJ45, USB), which can meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

The F2-H face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine can be used with application management systems such as face construction site real-name management system, face access control attendance management system, visitor management system, etc. It is perfectly suitable for communities, campuses, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, and enterprises office buildings, public service places, construction sites and other complex application scenarios that require identification and access control. In terms of prevention and control, it effectively reduces the potential risk of large-area contact with the human body during temperature measurement, shortens the time for human body temperature measurement, and improves temperature measurement efficiency. At the same time, centralized management provides real-time data support for screening and tracing suspected patients and mobile personnel, and provides a strong security guarantee for management in the above scenarios.

As for its price, due to the quantity of purchases, the borrowing cycle of customers, the competition between peers, and the differences in pre-sales and after-sales services, even if same model and brand of the face recognition integrated machine, the price is different. We cannot provide you specific price here, but a little bit can reveal that the face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine is very cost-effective, and it is absolutely worthy for your money. If you have face recognition terminal, face recognition all-in-one machine, face verification terminal, face recognition access control all-in-one machine with infrared temperature measurement, vertical temperature measurement face recognition verification terminal, infrared temperature measurement face recognition thermometer , Face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine and other dynamic binocular intelligent face recognition products, then don't hesitate! RAKINDA is recognized as the industry benchmark for global IoT automatic identification application solutions. It specializes in data collection at the perception layer of the Internet of Things with 20 years of excellent reputation and public praise. It focuses on the three core technologies of barcode recognition, face recognition and radio frequency identification (RFID), providing for smart new retail, smart campus, smart hotel, smart fitness, smart home, smart medical, smart waste classification and other industries and government projects digital solutions for the Internet of Things industry, which have been highly praised by the market

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