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At the present stage, the situation of China's epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, the provinces and cities are methodically planning to resume school work. How to effectively strengthen the temperature screening prevention and control at the key entrance is the core key to avoid the retransmission of pneumonia. To build a campus outbreak of the first line of defense, to ensure the city's primary and secondary school classes start work orderly, shenzhen vision (RAKINDA technology introduced specifically for campus epidemic prevention and control of intelligent and epidemic prevention all-in-one - intelligent temperature measuring brush face and vertical facial recognition temperature measuring machine with high-tech means for resumption of schooling students enrolled temperature screening work, helping schools improve screening efficiency, to ensure foolproof school epidemic prevention.

Shenzhen Rakinda in back-to-school actively to reopen for the first time, comprehensively enhance the product research and development strength, with more than 20 years of IOT automatic identification industry experience and innovative ability, comprehensively launched the "intelligent face recognition and temperature all-in-one Kiosk series", they covered by the pillar type, wall-mounted and gates type, optional external QR code scanner and id card reader (to support docking platform of epidemic prevention health code and ID verification from all over the country ), and internal and external visitors respectively for the school to deploy is brushed brush face face temperature measuring entrance guard control and temperature measuring attendance clock in two sets of effective solution, The purpose is to continuously improve the efficiency of non-contact temperature measurement, avoid the risk of cross-infection, and achieve rapid screening of suspected personnel.

Face recognition with temperature measuring machine(vertical) can be easily deployed in school, library, dormitories, and at the gate of the entrance to a classroom and so on, to capture the traffic personnel inspection status, and synchronous completion temperature detection and non-contact access control attendance applications, precision can reach within ± 0.3 ℃ temperature detection, face recognition and temperature detection efficiency is as high as 60 / minute, it supports wearing a mask brush face temperature test for students and teachers did not wear masks voice prompt, and automatically generate attendance record/temperature data statistical analysis and report (export), the first number formation temperature test health data. In addition, it also supports the function of scanning health code and ID card verification, which can quickly check the status of health code and temperature information of returning teachers and students. Voice prompts the color of health code, green code for traffic, yellow code and red code for alarm. Face recognition, in short, temperature measuring machine to ensure traffic efficiency under the premise of rapid accurate temperature data and face information, avoided during peak hours, researchers gather and brings the risk of infection, effectively solve the resumption after the resumption of school students enrolled schooling integration problem of temperature measurement, the measurement precision of the timely detection and prevention and control of epidemic have a vital role, it can efficiently test temperature, when students enter the campus after school also can greatly save the time of temperature measurement, at the same time play dual role of temperature measurement and epidemic prevention and entrance guard management provides students after the start of the school safety and health protection.


Face recognition temperature all-in-one F2 series is shenzhen vision (RAKINDA) designed for disease prevention and control in public places, people abnormal temperature screening, non-contact automatic accurate temperature measurement, entrance guard controls, automatic warning and temperature measurement data source and intelligent epidemic prevention and control of emergency products, greatly improves the work efficiency and replaced at close range, non-contact temperature measurement, reduce accumulation caused by waiting for personnel, effectively avoid close contact and assemble line, and the risks of the disease spread.

Eight inches, it adopts the whole perspective, 170 ° IPS LCD screen, embedded depth to study face recognition algorithm, the built-in binocular cameras and infrared temperature measurement module based on thermal imaging, support for face recognition and the test in vivo, in a quick check status of non-inductive temperature test, with automatic accurate temperature measurement, face recognition, wearing masks, witness than, scanning health code, temperature measurement data and automatic warning function, can be widely used in buildings, community management, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories and other places of channel control, personnel temperature screening.

1. Temperature measurement is fast and accurate
It can realize temperature screening, abnormal alarm, dynamic binocular face recognition, no mask reminder and other functions. The temperature measurement error is ±0.3℃.

2. Simple deployment:
Fast control, zero sense traffic. Support wall-mounted, gate type, column type installation deployment, deployment is simple, one or two minutes can be smooth operation.

3. Support online or offline use, support software platform management:
Through the deployment of "Long Vision Intelligent Thermal Imaging Temperature Early Warning Management System", the human body temperature can be monitored and managed in real time, and functions such as temperature measurement data management, health code status recognition, person certificate verification, intelligent attendance management, temperature measurement, epidemic prevention and access control can be realized during the epidemic period.

4. Support daily attendance and access control management
It can realize real-time monitoring and information reporting during the epidemic period. It can also be matched with attendance management software at ordinary times to realize student attendance management and visitor access authority management. It is intelligent and efficient with dual use of one machine.

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