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In those days, government reforms were made to OSRS gold its standards for monopolies and then they were dissolved. But, Jagex has stated themselves repeatedly that they're not sure on how to stop them. They can't create laws within the game to prevent monopolies from happening. The game's environment doesn't work like in the real world. However, the economy works.

What can one do to stop a huge force with complete control? One can either form a union or group. Workers in the 1800's formed unions to DEMAND that their salaries were increased, their hours of work decreased, and the conditions of their work be improved! Unions are a prominent presence in a variety of industries, and they are still in force.

The Solution. You may be thinking, "How can a union save our economy?" Well, here is how we'll pull this off: Just as the merchanting clans have formed trusts in order to take control of markets, we shall do the same. Here's how it works. There is a base inventory of an item. Every item has a demand and an supply. This is the way that the market free of charge operates.

Now, the clans have control over the supply. We have to control demand in buy RS gold order to thwart their strategies. If we can control the demand of items, prices will almost never increase above what they ought to.

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