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Abnormal body temperature is the main symptom in the early stage of Covid. To monitor and control the epidemic, it should firstly carry out temperature detection, and secondly check the health code, screen and isolate feverish persons to prevent cross-personal interaction The best way is staying home. As the domestic epidemic situation has been effectively controlled step by step through scientific and technological means, it has been "zero growth" for many days in many regions of China. Therefore, many provinces and cities across the country have begun to deploy the orderly resumption of schools. Thus, how to ensure the health of returning teachers and students? In addition to measuring body temperature, we still needs to scan the health QR code for verification. It can be seen that having a high-precision thermal imaging body temperature measurement non-contact face recognition terminal becomes the immediate need to resume school.

F2-FHS facial recognition thermometer, can quickly check the "health code status" and body temperature information of teachers and students returning to school, voice broadcast the color of the health code: green code, yellow code or red code alarm. Epidemic screening can be completed with few labor; if teachers and students do not wear masks during the screening, the F2-FHS machine will also alarm with voicing "please wear masks". Here are examples of voice broadcast:
"Green health code, body temperature 36.5℃, temperature normal!"
"Red health code, body temperature 38.5℃, abnormal body temperature, can't pass!"

RAKINDA combines its mature face recognition technology, QR code recognition technology and thermal imaging infrared temperature measurement technology to achieve near and long distance, non-contact face recognition, body temperature detection and health code scanning, which can better prevent cross-infection and ensure the safety of passers-by. Each person's temperature measurement record will be automatically generated, and the body temperature data can be bound to the person to realize the person data detection, which eliminates the process of manual recording. The manager can easily check the temperature and attendance records of the passers-by. This "non-contact" detection approach can greatly reduce the probability of contact infection. In addition, deploying it in the campus scene can also complete the functions of face access control and clock-in, which brings safety guarantee to the campus and teachers and students.

The F2-FHS can be installed not only in schools, but also in government services, medical care facilities, enterprises, communities, public area, and management projects. In times of national crisis, RAKINDA Technologies, as a R&D and production-oriented IOT enterprise, makes every effort to provide real-time data support for tracking suspected patients and mobile abnormal fever, providing a very good security guarantee.

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