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Many single or working class parents in the Australia have no option but to send their children in child care facilities to ensure good care, good nutrition and exposure to the environment. A study carried out recently showed that the learning and behavior of the children are largely influenced by the care that they receive when they are young. It was also found that a staggering 90 percent of the children who received poor care are more likely to indulge in criminal activities and have under developed intellectual thinking. The qualities which a parent should look for before handing over the children to child care centers are the warmth and affection offered to the child, emotional support, and cognitive simulation. If a child care centre includes these factors in their centers, the child can develop socially, mentally and intellectually.

What are the factors that should be considered before opting for a Child Care?

There are a number of factors that should be considered, including the safety and security of the facility. In case of babies, it should be ensured that they are put to sleep on their backs and with no pillows. The play area should be clutter free and sharp edges should be redundant as they have the potential to injure a child. There should no screws and nails present which may be swallowed by the children. Wooden benches or toys should be splinter free. Electrical sockets should have safety caps on and lose wires should be put away due to the risk of electrocution. Windows and curtains should have their loops tied up and out of reach of children. Trash cans should be enclosed with tight fitting lids.

The facilities that every childcare centre must have are

  1. Indoor and outdoor Playing Equipment
  2. First aid facility, Regular checkup by Child Specialist
  3. Drinking water facilities
  4. Proper hygienic conditions
  5. Resting facilities
  6. Warming facilities
  7. Proper security measures

So it totally depends upon the requirement of a person whether he needs childcare for his child or not. There are many pre enquiries which need to be analyzed while selecting a daycare centre for your child.


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