by on November 25, 2021

With the continuous development and progress of the intelligent era, it seems that the leading domestic self-service terminal equipment manufacturers have realized the importance of embedding and integrated QR Code scanning module solutions. Combined with the current mainstream scanning payment methods, it can inject new vitality into the fast payment link application of self-service payment equipment, and you can easily pay without cash when you go out, eliminating the need for insufficient change and the cumbersome operation of changing change.


The self-service registration recharge terminal placed in the hospital, patients do not have to worry about not having cash, just open the mobile phone Alipay or WeChat swipe, simple and convenient; self-service checkout machines placed in the mall, customers can easily choose the payment method, Swipe the mobile payment QR code against the barcode scanning window to quickly complete shopping and self-checkout; for the self-service payment terminal placed in the car management, just open the mobile payment code and place it in the QR code scanning window to scan the QR code to pay successfully and print the charge receipt... These provide users with more time-saving and faster scanning code services and applications, all without the embedded QR code recognition module.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than 90% of RAKINDA's terminal scanning projects in cooperation with self-service terminal equipment manufacturers use the RD4500I embedded QR scanning module, which can read 1D and 2D barcodes in a wide range and wide angle. At the same time, it supports electronic screen scanning and multiple trigger modes. The sound of "di di" means successful reading. The professional QR barcode scanning module can make customers feel the experience of fast scanning. With the cooperation of the LV4500i QR code scanning head scanning module and the self-service payment machine, combined with the upgraded mobile payment system, it integrates data collection and QR code automatic identification technology, and expands the "code payment" function service. Obviously It is more flexible, time-saving and convenient in payment, which is very popular among young consumers.

As the core code scanning hardware for self-service payment equipment, the RD4500I QR code scanning module uses CMOS imaging technology and internationally advanced intelligent image recognition technology, which can quickly identify all types of paper codes and Alipay WeChat payment QR code can not only command and control scanning, but also automatically trigger scanning. It is suitable for a variety of environments. It has an exquisite and compact appearance, is easy to install, and supports secondary development.

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