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The epidemic prevention work has entered a critical period. As companies in various regions gradually resume work, temperature measurement and identification and attendance have become one of the first tasks for companies to start work. As a national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen rakinda has been thinking about using our technology to contribute to epidemic prevention during the initial outbreak of the epidemic.


At the beginning of February, the friends of the Shenzhen rakinda R&D team brainstormed through remote meeting and office methods, and proposed a smart hardware solution for body temperature measurement + identity verification. The original mature identity recognition product, the intelligent identity verification terminal F2-H, can support face recognition, optional custom ID card recognition and NFC card recognition functions, combined with temperature measurement scenarios in major public places under the epidemic, and embedded non-contact infrared For the temperature measurement module, after product planning, technology research and development, and landing tests, Guangdong rakinda has developed an intelligent identity verification terminal with both identity verification and temperature measurement functions in a short period of time to meet the intelligent non-contact temperature measurement and attendance function.

On the one hand, the RAKINDA smart identity verification terminal F2-H can measure the temperature remotely through infrared, which can complete the temperature measurement in 1-2 seconds, reducing the workload of manual operation and the risk of interpersonal transmission; on the other hand, the smart identity verification terminal F2-H It can also support non-contact access control attendance, without fingerprint attendance and check-in attendance, reducing cross-infection caused by a large number of people contacting terminal equipment, faster efficiency and safer use.

At present, in order to ensure timely detection and investigation of persons with abnormal body temperature, temperature measurement and identity verification are required to enter factories, office buildings, and residential areas. The two steps add up to time and effort. At the same time, too low efficiency may cause crowded queues. Using the face temperature measurement access control terminal that does not require manual operation, the temperature can also be measured within 1 meter from the temperature measurement access control terminal, and at the same time, it can complete non-contact temperature measurement and identity recognition, and promptly screen people with fever and send high temperature reminders. It is used in office buildings, communities, hospitals, banks and other places to use science and technology to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to keep the virus out of the door.

RAKINDA smart hardware focuses on building open smart hardware customized solutions, and its products include handheld Android smart terminal series, desktop Android smart terminal series, and cabinet-type Android smart terminal series. Provide one-stop smart hardware customization solutions, and there have been successful cases in security, catering, tourism, hotels, logistics, retail, department stores and other industries.

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