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Psychedelic fasting is one of the spiritual exploration practices that has deep roots in history and many cultures. Many cultures have used this practice as a way to reach into their inner selves and gain a wider sense of introspection and perception. A psychedelic enthusiast, Don Juan sought to understand why psychedelic fasting is so important. He documented his experience as he ate only magic mushrooms for ten days.

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It is important to state that everybody has a different journey. And there is the liberty to embark on this journey as long as it is not self-destructive or abusive. Given that research and studies have shown that psychedelics are not harmful when used right, anybody can decide to embark on the mushroom fasting experience should know that it is safe and only a means of exploration as long as it is done in a safe environment.

The Ten-Day Mushroom Fasting Experience

The practice of eating lightly and fasting in association with psychedelics have been in practice for many years across many cultures. This is even very common in native cultures where these plants are common and well used. Fasting is the process that precedes peyote ceremonies, mushroom gatherings, and Ayahuasca rituals. Some people also engage in fasting after these ceremonies as it helps them to aggregate their insights.

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Before you start with the mushroom fasting experience, it is important that you have previous experience with fasting and also with the use of mushrooms. According to Don Juan, the experience is a combinative effect of using shrooms while fasting. He maintained that feeding on mushrooms without fasting won’t have provided the same experience.

Therefore, embracing the familiarity of fasting and using mushrooms is a very important aspect of this experience. You should understand what it feels like to fast, before deciding to add the usage of mushrooms to it. You should make more research and be ready to learn more about the fasting process to use it to improve the psychedelic experience.   

As you might have imagined, having to deal with a hunger for ten days is no small feat, therefore you should be prepared mentally for the challenge ahead.

How It Felt

Right from the start of the experience, Don Juan writes that the psychedelic effects are more profound and grander than anything he has ever experienced. After the first few days, he explains a feeling of massive connection to the cosmos. However, after a few days, these effects lessened as the body started to build a tolerance to the magic mushrooms. The goal of the experience was not to trip for as long as possible, but instead to experience continued spiritual growth and development.  

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He also reported that on the fourth day, he felt the continued effect of the mushroom despite not taking any mushroom that day. It was on this same day that he introspected upon his Christian faith and its effects on his life, without holding the singular belief system that has been a fundamental ideology in his life all through.

Towards the end of the 10-day mark, he increased his dosage of mushrooms, and at the end of the fasting period, he maintained that the experience was the best he has ever had. He said that he reached depths in his soul that he never thought he could reach and claimed that he would have spent his life savings to get all the knowledge and experience he learned during the psychedelic fasting experience.


At Purecybins, we believe in the safe and responsible use of psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic products. We shared this experience with you because we believe that it is interesting and profound to the psychedelic community. Whatever you decide to do is up to you personally. If you want to emulate the explorer whose experience was reported in this article, it is up to you as long as you are sure it is safe for your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

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