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by on July 30, 2022

Anxiety is one of the leading mental health issues in the world today. While it affects everyone regardless of age, millions of young people suffer the most from this condition. Despite the availability of treatment options in conventional medicine, there seems to be another way to treat this condition.

Some people rely on alcohol to treat their anxiety while others look up to cigarettes or tobacco to help them overcome their mental health conditions. Some people also rely on the pills prescribed by a medical doctor. Finally, some people prefer to use psychedelic substances to bring down their anxiety levels. This set of people avoid getting high on these psychedelic substances and instead prefer to microdose. This article seeks to review the result of this endeavor.


This refers to the act of taking only a fractional quantity of a psychedelic substance to avoid its psychoactive effects and only enjoy its beneficial effects. This way, many people treat their anxiety, remain alert and awake, and even enjoy an enhanced mood. There are also people who microdose on LSD and other psychedelic substances to study for tests and exams with claims that it helps them study better and enhances their retentive memory.

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People who engage in microdosing do so at intervals, usually a three or four-day interval. It is not advisable to take a dose of psychedelic substances every day as it helps the body build a tolerance to the substance. When the body builds tolerance, you will need a larger amount of the substance to feel the same effects you originally used to feel. This already defeats the purpose of microdosing.

How Does Microdosing help with Anxiety?

When a person suffering from anxiety microdoses on magic mushrooms or other psychedelics, they experience the following;

  • They feel more at ease
  • There is an increase in the positivity of their mood
  • It provides clarity and open-mindedness as they can think deeper and proffer solutions to existing problems

 There is no one-fit-all approach for how microdosing makes people feel. There is a wide range of emotions and sensations that they can feel. Because it helps some people study better, they maintain their microdosing schedule as a way to empower their brain and their memory. Some people believe that microdosing boosts their capacity to do more mentally and this is why they are big on microdosing.


Whatever your reason for microdosing is, ensure that you do it responsibly and safely. Using high-quality magic mushrooms enhances the benefits that you get from microdosing, thus, you must use quality psychedelic substances. Thus, if you are looking to get high-quality magic mushrooms for your ingesting pleasure, you should check out Magic Mushrooms Canada. There is also a welcome sale promo ongoing where you get 25% off purchases worth at least $150. All you need to do is use the promo code WELCOME22.

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