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Hippie flipping, also referred to as flower flipping, is the combination of MDMA (also known as ecstasy or molly) with magic mushrooms. Some curious psychonauts put the two together to create a sort of ‘superdrug’ that combines the effects of both parent drugs. Hippie flipping brings together the hallucinatory visuals and euphoria of psilocybin mushrooms, and the elevated senses and empathy-filled social consciousness that comes with MDMA.

Hippie flipping creates the balanced effect that so many people crave but combining two strong compounds creates much more complexity, and it also brings more potential risks. Because these substances are still illegal, research on them is not much, and the studies on their combination are even less. 

What is Hippie Flipping?

Hippie flipping or flower flipping is the simultaneous use of psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA. There has been a lot of talk about the perfect dosage and timing to use when hippie flipping, but most people that posted their experiences have stated that they prefer to start with mushrooms and then add MDMA after the first peak. This is usually about an hour or two into the psilocybin trip. A lot of people go through an uncomfortable comedown because of the MDMA, and if the effects of the mushrooms are still in play during the comedown, then it can be a very difficult experience.

Flipping is a term that is used to describe a wide range of MDMA combinations. There is kitty flipping, which involves mixing MDMA with ketamine, nexus flipping, which combines MDMA and 2CB, candy flipping, which adds MDMA to LSD, as well as other different kinds. 

Effects of Hippie Flipping

The effects that you experience from hippie flipping depends on a couple of factors. In what order did you take the substances? How long did you wait in between? What dose did you take of each substance? How pure was the substance you took? You definitely want to ensure you’re taking only pure substances, and you can get the best quality psychedelics when you buy shrooms Canada from Purecybin. We ensure that the purity of your psychedelics does not negatively affect your trip in any way.

During your hippie flipping experience, you will most likely go through a couple of different sensations and emotions. It’s difficult to explain all the different feelings, but from a large amount of online shared experiences, we have found the following effects to be common:

1. Strong visuals: The objects around may appear to take a different form, blur, or even move.

2. Euphoria: This compound produces pure joy and even helps in social bonding.

3. Elevation of senses: You might begin to see and hear much clearer, and your touch may be enhanced. 

4. Confusion: Hippie flipping has been known to often cause a person to be confused about the reality of their situation.

5. Intense emotions: Hippie flipping shines a bright light on all our memories and experiences, and that could be pretty challenging for people who have hurtful pasts or memories they do not want to confront. 

It is also worth noting that combining psychedelics with other strong drugs like MDMA can bring intense states of mind. If you have mental health concerns or a family history of mental illnesses, then you should consider the possible harm that hippie flipping could cause you and be cautious when you buy shrooms online.

How Long Does Hippie Flipping Last?

How long it lasts mainly depends on the timing of your two doses. The effects of magic mushrooms usually last for about four to six hours after the first dose, while MDMA usually lasts for about three to six hours. 

So, the trip could last from about six to twelve hours, depending on what point you added MDMA to your psilocybin trip. Although the effects may only fully wear off after a day, some people have also spoken about experiencing several side effects including headaches, lethargy, and gloominess. 

Precautions for Hippie Flipping

When you combine psychedelics with MDMA, it can cause a very powerful alteration of your mind, and people with lingering mental health issues are advised to not hippie flip. Even if you do not have a pre-existing mental condition, the experience still begs for you to carefully consider its effects and place a few safety procedures to deal with any mishaps. 

DanceSafe is a non-profit organization that works to educate people about harm reduction techniques, while also informing people about different tips to create safe psychedelic experiences. Some of the risks that they say you should be cautious of include:

1. MDMA can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which creates more risks for people with heart conditions.

2. MDMA has been linked to elevated risks of heart stroke, seizure, and hyperthermia.

3. MDMA could also react with some other medications that are also metabolized by the CYP2D6 enzyme.

4. You should stay hydrated when taking MDMA, but too much water also comes with its own risks. 

5. Buying MDMA from the illegal market often means that it could contain some dangerous ingredients and compounds that could negatively affect you. You only want clean, top-quality psychedelics and that is what you will get when you buy shrooms online at Purecybin. You can even get up to 22% off your purchase by using the discount code WELCOME22.

Mushrooms aren’t as easily adulterated as MDMA, but they also have their risks:

1. Mushrooms can cause some very frightening experiences and also aggravate mental health issues. 

2. Some toxic kinds of mushrooms look like but aren’t psilocybin, and they are quite dangerous.

3. The combination of magic mushrooms with MDMA can cause impairment in motor skills and judgment. 

Mushrooms and MDMA are both capable of reducing the seizure threshold. All in all, you should be extra cautious when hippie flipping if your family has a history of mental illnesses, or if you have any other conditions that could be aggravated including high blood pressure and epilepsy.

It is also important that you are aware of the possible medical interactions that the MDMA has with other drugs like tramadol and MAOIs, or any other medication that affects drug metabolism and the production of serotonin. 

In summary, you should evaluate any underlying health conditions, find out about possible medical interactions, test the MDMA to ensure it’s legit (you won’t need to if you buy shrooms Canada from Purecybin), and ensure you have a safe set and setting before you start tripping. It is very important that you have someone or people aware that know what you’re taking, how much you’re taking, and where you are to help out if there is any problem with your hippie flip.

The Correct Dosage For hippie Flipping

Basic psychedelic knowledge will prompt you to start with a low dose and add more along the way when you have a full grasp of the effects that your initial dose brought. When you slowly add to the first dose, you will be less likely to exceed your threshold for uncomfortable feelings and challenges. 

One major mistake that people make is using the regular dose of both MDMA and magic mushrooms when combining them. It’s important that you start small with both of these substances because they have a very synergistic effect. Before you even think of combining MDMA and shrooms, you should have a good idea of how potent each drug is. If you normally take a moderate dose of each substance, take a light dose of each when you’re mixing them.

Side Effects of Hippie Flipping

When speaking about the possible side effects of hippie flipping, we should also consider the many different factors that can alter your experience. You must be intentional about the dose you take because a lot of ‘hippie flips gone wrong’ have come as the results of people overestimating how much they needed to enjoy their experience.

One such effect is known as serotonin syndrome, and it occurs when the brain has an excess of serotonin. It can come with several symptoms like muscle stiffness, excessive sweating, loss of orientation, and increased body temperature. It can become pretty dangerous, and could even potentially lead to a seizure. 

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