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Limestone is widely distributed and abundant in China, and it is a valuable resource with a wide range of uses. Usually used as building materials, but also an important raw material for many industries. Through the Limestone Mining Process, limestone is made into powder. After limestone is directly crushed, heavy calcium carbonate can be obtained. According to different grinding fineness, it is respectively used in various industrial departments.

Limestone Grinding Mill is a special production equipment for limestone, which has excellent grinding effect. The limestone grinding system is mainly composed of main machine, fineness analyzer, blower, finished product cyclone powder collector, bag filter and connecting air duct. According to the needs of users, it can also be equipped with crushing equipment, elevator, storage bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electrical control cabinet and other auxiliary equipment. The machine has the advantages of large output, wide range of finished product particle size, good dedusting effect, convenient adjustment of analyzer and good sealing performance.

Limestone Grinding Mill Performance Characteristics

1. The equipment covers a relatively small area and has strong systematicness. It can form an independent production system from raw material rough processing to final material packaging;

2. Compared with other equipment, the grinding efficiency of Raymond is not as high as that of other equipment;

3. The driving device of the main engine adopts sealed gear box and belt wheel, and the operation is stable and reliable;

4. The important parts of limestone grinder are made of high-quality castings with fine technology, which not only improves the service life of each part, but also ensures the durability of the whole limestone grinder;

5. The electric system adopts centralized control. The grinding workshop of limestone pulverizer can basically realize unmanned operation, save labor cost and ensure the safety of workers.

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