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by on December 19, 2022

Many Young and professional individuals are facing eye issues. Many problems are due to tension in muscles that are located around the eyes.   The muscle is affected due to being under continuous stress for a long period. People’s jobs include long working hours on a laptop daily and kids' time is increasing before the monitor which can result in causing ample injury to their eyes this generally gives headaches, eyestrain, dry eyes, irritated eyes, improper vision, etc.

Many people wear corrective lenses to get relief from eyesight problems. Many doctors suggest avoiding the condition where you would need to wear lenses.  Kids below 5 years of age are observed wearing a high number of glasses. This eye illness certainly needs awareness in the community. Eyeglasses and lenses provide relief from this discomfort, but being preventive of such illness is always better, wearing sunglasses will not cause vision to become proper. Many conditions in the eyes are not improved even after expensive treatments, so it’s better to be safe than to be a victim of illness.

Some methods will cut back the chance of eye problems that may arise in people. Going for a healthy diet ensures the eyes have all the nutrients they have for them to work at their best level. Green vegetables contain xanthophyll, carotin, and alternative antioxidants that protect the eyes from free radicals in the body. Nutritionist counseling can help with the proper food intake one should follow to meet the requirement of nutrients by eyes. Eyes are highly delicate and care is necessarily needed for them to be well-conditioned.

Below mentioned are simple eye care tips which will assist you to neutralize stress and maintain sensible blood to your eyes.

1.  Do not work continuously. Take regular breaks so your eyes can rest.  Always maintain a distance from the screen and your eyes. Look off from the screen every twenty minutes.

2.  Blink your eyes, it will wet your eyes and prevent them from getting dry.

3.   Make sure that the distance of eyes from the monitor is at least 33-59cm.

4.   Many new laptops are available with anti-glare filters or if you are not having a laptop with anti-glare, you can replace it with a new model. Anti-glare screen filters the rays and makes them less harmful.

5.  Keep your display clean.

6.  Whenever you go to buy a monitor add reflection coating on them and it is available in all stores.

7.   You can also do exercise for your eyes, which can make them healthy.

8.  When you work on your system, you can take a break and do some small workout which is mentioned here,

  • Blink your eyes many times.
  • Keep your eyes closed for a while.
  • You should roll your eyeballs clockwise and anti-clockwise and take a deep breath keeping your eyes closed.

9.  Follow the above-mentioned exercise for your eyes after every 2 hours of your work.

10.  Early morning after you get out of your bed, splash water on your face by keeping your eyes shut. This is a cold treatment for your eyes that helps to relax the muscles.

11.  If dirt enters your eyes, the first thing not to do is rub your eyes, and ensure too that the dirt should not stay in your eyes. Blinking your eyes many times, blinking your eyes will create wetness in your eyes, and the dirt is thrown out. And, if you don’t clean your eyes, the dirt can irritate and disturb your vision.

12.  Wear eye protection gear when you are driving or doing any kind of outdoor activity.



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