Due to its ease, mobile is utilized for a variety of activities, from trade to shopping. You must make sure that the LMS offers a smartphone application so your employees may learn on the go to provide the same comfort to your learners. Employees have the freedom to study at their own speed with mobile learning. Keeping the staff up to date on new procedures and changes is simple. A mobile-based open source learning management system is similar to a knowledge bank that is also available at your fingertips.  
There are millions of people who have iPhone but don’t know how to access them and are also facing many problems while using them. If you are one of them and want to know why is my voicemail is not working then you can overcome this within a few steps. Install Carrier updates in your iPhone. Open Settings > General > Network After that click on update option and install carrier update. Sometimes your voicemail is not working due to this reason.  
Ask your service vendor if the online learning management system can handle many languages if your personnel is dispersed among several cities. The majority of workers in tier-2 or tier-3 cities are not at ease speaking a common language like English. You must offer the learning resources in a language they can understand if you want to hold their interest. So, confirm that the LMS can provide multilingual learning.
Many usere are still using hotmail to communicate from their friends if you are one of them facing a problem with hotmail not working then you can resolve this issue by delete and after some time again add your hotmail account in your system. If this method didn't work in that case try another method that temporarily disables your antivirus from your browser or system.  
Gamification learning contributes to more dynamic and engaging training sessions. Even the adoption rate is positively impacted by it. To train your scattered staff as a whole, find out if the learning management system (LMS) offers a gamified function with badges, leadership boards, and break-out rooms. Make absolutely sure it has sticky notes for brainstorming and a scoreboard for creating constructive competition among your staff. Additionally, check to see if it offers polls and tests, which can add life to your skill-building sessions.