Amara Walker

This can be very annoying when you are not able to communicate with your colleagues and seniors because of an email issue, but don't worry! If you're a Juno Webmail user & not able to receive any confirmation mail or Colleague's mail, then make sure to follow the below steps:

1) Visit the Juno Webmail official website and Click on the Sign in button

2) Now, enter your registered email id & password to access your Juno email on the web.

3) Now check your Inbox Storage on the left side and see how much space is left or is it full.

4) if it is full, then go to your Spam / Junk Category and move to trash and delete those mails permanently.

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Dasy Shah

When you have not received any emails on a Juno webmail account, don't worry simply go to the official Juno webmail login page link and enter your email address or password. Then refresh your mail and also check your spam or junk folder in your Juno mail.

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