Amara Walker

Many of the gmail users are facing this issue where an individual's gmail and outlook not syncing. This issue can be caused by many reasons like bad internet connectivity, gmail or outlook server is down or any third party software making problems that is stopping outlook from syncing gmail. So, in this thread, we are going to discuss about the 100% working solution for this issue that is updating your Windows !

1) Open your Windows Menu and search for Windows Update.

2) Now click on the "Check for Updates" button. (Make sure you have a working internet connection)

3) Then, it will take some time to make sure if your windows is updated or not!

4) If you Windows will not be updated, it will ask for permission to update your windows to the latest version available automatically.

5) Provide all the permssions, sit back & relax for a while. Then you will see that your gmail will sync with outlook without any error now!

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