Amara Walker

If you're a RR user, then you must have faced the issue where you cannot receive or send emails from your roadrunner account. So without getting delay, let's check out why roadrunner is not receiving emails and what are the major reasons behind the problem:

  1. A roadrunner user should always know that the RR email service provides some limitations as you can only send up to 5MB of attachments and 1000 emails per day from the same IP Address. So, make sure that you must have followed this limitation.
  2. You cannot send an email to a person who has blocked you or vice versa accidentally. So, you should confirm that you have not blocked the receiver in the blocklist by mistake.
  3. As roadrunner is a web-based email client, so sometimes it does not work with outdated browser versions, so make sure your browser should be up to date or you can switch to another browser.


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