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Many people use AOL daily because it provides an amazing email service. Whenever you found that someone has hacked your account then you can quickly change your password. The user-friendly layout of the site makes the AOL password change procedure quite simple.

If you have an AOL mail account and you want to change your password then read the steps that we’ve mentioned in this article. 

Steps to Change AOL Mail Password

The AOL mail change password process is very easy. You can quickly change your account password by following the steps listed below:

  1. Open your browser or the AOL password manager.

  2. Use your current password and sign into your AOL account.

  3. On the screen’s upper right corner, select the “Head and Shoulders” icon.

  4. Navigate to the “Account Security” submenu.

  5. Then tap on the “Change Password” option.

  6. A Re captcha box requesting you to demonstrate that you are not a robot has now appeared. To accomplish this, click the mouse on the tiny square on the left, then press Continue when the button color changes to a deep blue.

  7. You are now prompted to choose a new password. 

  8. Enter a strong password that no one can break.


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