Steve  Johnson

A MetaMask wallet clone is a decentralized crypto wallet that is programmed exactly like the Metamask wallet app. The script is provided with the necessary functionality, SDK, plugins, and security protocols so that business owners may easily begin the building of their wallets. A browser extension, an iOS app, and an Android app make up the entire software set. This Metamask Wallet clone script programme was created by our engineers at Hivelance to save you a lot of time when writing code.

We are the Blockchain development organization with the quickest growth that many cryptocurrency enterprises have chosen for the creation of the Metamask wallet clone. Our method of product development is considerably superior to others. We approach every project we commit to with a 1:1 service approach.

We have completed more than 20 cryptocurrency wallet projects, including both custodial and non-custodial wallet designs. We offer specialized wallet building services, including multi-signature and multi-party computation wallets. More people are relying on our next product releases.

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