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Once you Cancel your flight, you will see the higher price for your new flight itinerary. In this case, you need to pay the fare difference to complete the Cathay Pacific flight cancellation.
If you want to reschedule your Cathay Pacific Airlines flight, you must be aware of these rules. Here are some points of Cathay pacific cancellation policy that you can consider:
Cathay Pacific Airlines will issue travel credits in the form of refunds. You can use travel credits to book your destination.
You can Cancelyour flight up to 24 hours before departure or at check-in.
In accordance with Cathay Pacific cancellation policy, if a passenger cancels a ticket within 24 hours of original ticket purchase, there is no cancellation fee and a full refund is given.
On the other hand, if a passenger cancels a flight after 24 hours, he or she will have to pay some cancellation fee according to the ticket purchased, unless it is a refundable ticket.
If your flight is canceled by Cathay Pacific itself due to weather and the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, you have an Cathay Pacific Flexible Ticket, you can cancel your flight and you can cancel your flight. Flight within 24 hours of your booking or you have illness, death of a family member or military orders.
If you have received the compensation amount from the insurance company for the canceled flight, you are not allowed to get any refund.


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