Kale johnson
on December 24, 2021
Users encounter ATT email not working on iPhone because of some incoming errors. However, the most common reason behind the issue is using an incorrect username and password. Apart from it, other reasons for ATT email not working on iPhone is invalid IMAP or POP settings, ATT email service error, incorrect username and password, and issues with the browser. So, to deal with the issue, it is advisable to follow the troubleshooting steps properly to not encounter any other issue. To know how to fix ATT email not working on iPhone, click on the mail and choose mail > preferences. After that, choose accounts and then click on the plus icon. Choose to add another mail account and click to create. Lastly, close the preference page to start using an email account without facing any issues. These are the steps that you need to follow to deal with the ATT email not working on an iPhone device. https://prompthelp.us/blog/fix-att-email-not-working/
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