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by on May 13, 2019
There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies that have come out, and continue to come out, raising some alarming facts about our favourite gadgets such as cell phones, tablets, our use of Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi radiation) and more. But the main focus lately seems to be on WiFi and cell phones, as a number of countries around the world have set severe limits with regards to the use of WiFi and cell phones around children in schools. Take France for example, they passed a law in 2015 banning WiFi from al...
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by on May 11, 2019
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by on May 11, 2019
Every year, the world’s five largest publicly owned oil and gas companies spend approximately $200 million on lobbying designed to control, delay or block binding climate-motivated policy. This has caused problems for governments seeking to implement policies in the wake of the Paris Agreement which are vital in meeting climate change targets. Companies are generally reluctant to disclose such lobbying expenditure and late last week, a report from InfluenceMap used a methodology focusing on the ...
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by on May 11, 2019
How to deal with toxic people.    https://youtu.be/vAcWIRuoZRc ...
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by on May 11, 2019
Governments agree landmark decisions to protect people and planet from hazardous chemicals and waste, including plastic waste Geneva, 10 May 2019 - Decisions on plastic waste have been reached today in Geneva, as approximately 180 governments adopted a raft of decisions aimed at protecting human health and the environment from the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals and waste. ...
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by on July 6, 2019
The East Siberian Arctic Shelf (“ESAS”) is the epicenter of a methane-rich zone that could turn the world upside down. Still, the ESAS is not on the radar of mainstream science, and not included in calculations by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and generally not well understood. It is one of the biggest mysteries of the world’s climate puzzle, and it is highly controversial, which creates an enhanced level of uncertainty and casts shadows of doubt. The ESAS is the most e...
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