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paul troy

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by on October 29, 2021
Don't have your SSN and wondering how to activate your Netspend card without it? Well, your Social Security Number is something that helps you in getting access to a lot of services provided by the government and financial authorities. Basically, it works as a great proof of identity of an individual and is needed wherever you apply to seek any such services. However, if you do not have your Social Security Number and you still wish to activate the Netspend card that you applied for, then you ha...
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by on October 28, 2021
Cryptocurrency has been quick in acquiring success and spreading its reach to the entire world. Soon there were tons of exchange platforms with specific wallet services to store and work with the crypto funds. Here, we’ll be talking about the MetaMask wallet that offers users to set up their MetaMask login accounts and move on to safely storing the crypto. Reading on, you’d be learning about one of the exclusive features that contribute to making the wallet service different from the other...
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by on July 30, 2021
Along with tons of products and services to make work-life easier, Microsoft realized that it is important to create a digital employee experience that would ultimately lead to a better customer experience. For instance, office.com/setup is for consumers, and Viva insights, connections, etc. are for employees. In this very tech-savvy world, where Microsoft has spread its arms to serve the entire world, managing the workforce is very tricky. That is why they came up with an employee-centric so...
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