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by on Yesterday, 8:48 am
New World allows players to use a wide range of trade skills to craft things like weapons and armor. Players can use resources gained through gathering skills as they explore and complete quests in the surrounding world to craft items at their own pace. Cooking is one of the most important trading skills in New World. Cooking everything from rations to meals provides the New World Gold player with the most important healing items, takes advantage of long-lasting buffs, and even increases the ...
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by on January 21, 2022
In New World, the Rapier has relatively high range as a one-handed weapon. While most of its attacks are narrow thrusts that reward precision and practice, it uses dueling fantasy as a selling point. But it's great for PvE and PvP. Not only is this weapon extremely flexible, it's generally able to deliver consistent damage. Rapier mainly uses agility as a scale and intelligence as a secondary attribute. The primary attribute usually makes it a secondary weapon for bow and musket users. Second...
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by on January 20, 2022
According to the latest news, the New World team has disabled character creation in all regions. They didn't provide any information on why this happened, but they promised to get more information when they could share. The fact that it is present in all regions of the New World Coins globe does suggest something more important. The New World team has changed the reward system for new accounts, making the rewards equal, but rewarding more gold and items later in the main questline. They then ...
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