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10 Electric Cars With the Longest Range for 2017.
The idea of breezing past gas stations without leaving a carbon footprint behind appeals to electric car enthusiasts, but the fear of running out of battery power has been a major barrier in getting Americans to buy them.
Here are the 10 EVs, currently (or about to be) on the market, that will get you farthest on a fully charged battery.
10: Fiat 500e Driving Range: 84 miles
9: Mercedes-Benz B250e Driving Range: 87 miles
8: Kia Soul EV Driving Range: 93 miles
7: Nissan Leaf Driving Range: 107 miles
6: BMW i3 Driving Range: 114 miles
5: Hyundai Ioniq Electric Driving Range: 124 miles
4: Volkswagen e-Golf Driving Range: 126 miles
3: Chevrolet Bolt EV Driving Range: 238 miles
2: Tesla Model X Driving Range: 295 miles
1: Tesla Model S Driving Range: 335 miles
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