Amara Walker

Once upon a time, Michael wants to send some important mail to his senior while he was working from his home. The email contains an attachment of PDF File in which there was a Data Analysis Report of one of their company's client. The meeting was already scheduled at 4PM. 

Michael completed the report and opened his gmail account to send the Mail to his senior, but the gmail can't send email from his laptop, so he tried to send the mail from his phone. But still, it was not working. 

Now, its been around 3:30PM and only half an hour left to send the mail. Michael's Senior was calling him again and again for the report progress. Then, he called one of his tech geek friend for a help, He came and checked that nothing was wrong in the Michael's Gmail account as it had enough storage and the internet was also working quite well. 

But suddenly, he noticed that the mail address of Michael was typing in th recipient section was wrong because of one letter missing. Michael corrected the recipient email and guess what happened?

Gmail successfully sent the mail to his Senior and finally Michael could take a deep breathe of relaxation. He was very happy and thanked his friend that he saved his Job.

So, be careful from the next time, that you should always type correct recipient email address in the Gmail, otherwise it will not be sent or maybe it will send to the wrong person.

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