Amara Walker

We all know that there are many people in college and corporate who use emails for communication, sending and recieving important attachments & schedule meetings. Almost 70% of the people use Outlook & Gmail Services for their daily email needs. If you're a Outlook user, you might be thinking why you cannot send emails from outlook, so don't worry.. We ae going to share majors reasons, that might be stopping outlook from performing proper functioning:

1) Make sure that if you are sending any attachment, then the size of it should not exceed more than 25mb in each mail.

2) You had to make sure that your profile is not corrupted because of opening or sharing any spam links.

3) You can also check if the Outlook servers are down or not with the help of various third party webtools.

So, these were the three reasons that might be the culprit behind all the Outlook Email Problems. 

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