by on January 8, 2022
  • Completion of all mentioned Work on the Car: The most important part of taking the delivery of your car after the completion of the service is to check whether all the work that was supposed to done on the car has been done or not. Be it the engine oil change or electrical and mechanical inspection, the job sheet should mention all the details and you should be able to check it yourself. You’re going to be charged for everything mentioned on the job sheet and hence you should not leave anything at the mercy of the car service centre. If you need any kind of assistance, always talk to the executive managing your car or the car technician as well.

  • Spare Part Repair/ Replacement: If there is any part that was changed or repaired, make sure that the same is mentioned on the bill and also remember to ask for the warranty period for the work that was done on the car. Most car service centres offer anywhere between 3-6 months or 10,000kms warranty on the spare parts that are repaired or replaced in the car

  • Car Cleaning: The car should be completely clean on the exterior and interior because car cleaning is part of the service package for almost all car service centres and you can always request them to get your car cleaned if it’s not part of the service package.

  • Test riding your car before delivery: You can always request the car service centre for a short test drive before taking delivery of your car because if there are any part changes that are made to your car, you can always take a test drive and understand if everything is as per your satisfaction or not. 

Make sure that you conduct these checks so that you can be assured of a safe drive in your car post the service at the car service centre. You don’t want to deal with a problem later on and run after the car service centre to get it addressed and resolved.

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